Celebrity stylist Kate Young is no stranger to the spotlight. Having dressed actors including Diane Kruger and Michelle Williams and styled for the runways of Jason Wu and Derek Lam, this Brooklyn-based blonde brings her personal TK style to her clients and shows season after season.

LT-INSIDER: What is the one piece no woman should live without when it comes to a fashion basic?
Kate Young: That’s an impossible question because every woman lives a different life and has a different body. The answer is necessarily vague — something that makes her feel good, more like herself, confident and attractive…That could be jeans, or heels or a pair of sentimental earrings. But every woman should have something or things that SHE loves.

Who are your inspirations, your style icons?
The women I work with really inspire me … But then I love film ­ old and new especially for red carpet inspiration (Lauren Bacall, Sophia Loren, Michelle Pfeiffer in the 80′s). I love to get color inspiration from fine art, Josef Frank, Blinky Palermo, de Kooning… .

What do you believe to be the key to individual style? Freedom? Risk?
Knowing yourself, both your inner style and also your body. Most people have a few silhouettes that work best on their figure. It’s finding that, and then being creative within that framework.

What role do you feel color can play in an everyday wardrobe?
Color makes people happy ­ it can also feel new and bring some life to a wardrobe that is feeling full or safe. I love color, but honestly wear very, very little of it!

If you could distill the New York woman into three style categories, what would they be and how would that manifest in their look?
Sexy – think Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Pencil skirt, heels, silk blouse buttoned low. Important hair.
Classic – think Audrey Hepburn – tasteful shift dresses, khakis & crewnecks. Expensive flat shoes.
Trendy – think Chloe Sevigny. Mixed prints, unusual color choices, fearless fashion choices.

Is there another era that speaks to you style wise that you’d like to step into for a while, if you could?
I love the fancy YSL / Halston ‘70s. The idea of languid, rich, easy, evening clothes really appeals to me.

Tell us about your love of denim. What makes it so perfect for every woman?
It’s comfortable and flattering and easy to clean – that kind of says it all.

The must-have silhouette of the season?
A mid calf skirt.

The best way for you to relax after a long day/week?
Dinner with my family and reading books to my kids in bed.

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