LT-Insider : What was the inspiration for the spring collection?
Marie Holman-Rao: Our first collection, titled “Fresh Perspective,” captures the very important sportif trend of the season. Based in black and white, we accented this group with pops of cobalt blue, electric cherry red and bright leafy green. We’re thrilled that some of our favorite items – the poly satin birdcage skirt as well as the calf-length faille full skirt, which will come later in the season – capture spring’s most important trend: the skirt!

Who is the 424 FIFTH woman?
She is fabulously chic in a non-fussy, effortless way and innately glamorous. Her sense of style reflects her unique sense of self. Confident. Witty. Sophisticated, yet down to earth. She is an individual, a risk taker.

What impact does the city of New York have on the designs for the season?
Being based in New York, our design team is constantly inspired by not only the city itself, but by the lifestyle of the New York City woman. She is constantly on-the-go and needs a look that will translate from the office to the street, day to night. This is not unique to just New York; this is just as translatable in Toronto, Paris, Milan. As 424 FIFTH is truly a lifestyle brand, we imagine her pulling from our collection and making these looks her own for anytime, anywhere.

The collection in three words.
Modern, Pretty, Affordable.

What are your personal favorites from the collection?
Since it was first designed, my favorite look has always been our textured striped jacket, tech satin bralette and faille full skirt. To me, this outfit completely represents the most important trends of the season — strong, full silhouettes in both the jacket and skirt — a play on femininity with just a bit of sportiness. While as a whole the look it works perfectly, each piece could be styled a completely different way and still feel fresh and season-right.

How important is the versatility of the collection overall?
Our first group, as I mentioned above, captures the sportif trend that was not only a crucial trend from the runways, but is so WEARABLE! It is the epitome of casual chic. Yet as we move into the later Spring months, you’ll see a transition into the feminine, lady-like trend that is also major for the season.

How does 424 FIFTH relate to the heritage of Lord & Taylor, their history in American sportswear and their place on 5th Avenue?
Our brand is an ode to the heritage of style that made Lord & Taylor famous. As a store, it has a history of fashion “firsts” that made it revolutionary in the American sportswear scene. Lord & Taylor has always been fashionable in its time, and we are looking to continue that legacy with a line that reflects modern fashion that is exclusively ours.

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