This sister is doin’ it for herself

What’s a girl to do when she’s the sister to the matriarch of pop? Well, if you’re the great Beyonce’s younger sibling, and you don’t want to get lost in the mighty halo’s shadow, you’re options are limited. And Solange Knowles has got a line on them all.

The New York–based Knowles has situated herself as an indie musical sensation, gained Brooklyn street credibility and established a sense of style that is uniquely her own – and the exact opposite of anything Tina Knowles would have had the Destiny’s Child trio rock.

Besides her infectious sounds (cue “Losing You” on repeat), Solange has become a fixture of not only the street-style blogs, but also a repeat hit on best-dressed lists. Solange appears fearless in her sartorial choices, playing with current styles and trends, all the while managing to put her own distinct mark into her outfits.

Perhaps her signature trademark is her ability to effortlessly mix and match patterns and colors as evident by her love for designers who push the fashion-forward envelope. Solange is heralded for utilizing men’s staples (like a basic white dress shirt) and pairing it with show stopping wedges and a pair of high-waisted paisley shorts. She’s quick to rock hound’s-tooth with plaid, florals with stripes, and fluorescents with kaleidoscopic patterns, which result in something that only Ms. Knowles can pull off. The topper? Her hair — a wild mane that increases her ranking on the style radar. After all, a signature hairstyle is a girl’s best friend.

Yale Breslin is a writer based in New York.
Steven Lee is an illustrator based in Toronto.

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