By Ashley Brown

I can’t help it, like a fly beguiled by the brilliance of a scintillating singular bare bulb, I am drawn to the glowing brilliance of neon ad infinitum.  The appeal of neon is widespread but rather mysterious.  Is it because nothing in nature is as bright or concentrated as a neon hue?  Is it a vestige for our collective affinity with Flavin’s Minimalism (which has seen enormous renewed interest over the past decade)? Or is it our infatuation with the future through the lens of the past (i.e. the 80’s)?

Neon is unique in that it seems like an artifact from the future, in the present; a relic of fortunes and times to come.  In fashion we have seen neon around for several seasons.  The thing about neon is that when it is done right it always looks incredibly fresh. Everything from jewelry to sportswear to accessories are available in a panoply of neon tones.  From citrus green, to electric blue and everything in between there is a shade of neon that will appeal to almost everyone.  Another benefit of neon is that it looks great on every skin tone, from the very fair to those with very dark complexions, every ones skin looks aglow next to a brilliant neon.

The trick with neon is to stick to one or two statement pieces or shades, so that the colors are not competing for attention.  Think about an electric blue pair of skinny-cropped pants, a candy pink blazer or a neon yellow sandal paired with neutrals for maximum impact.  Now that the sun is out a little longer and the temperature feels a little warmer, welcome the season with a neon piece to refresh your wardrobe. Guaranteed others will be mesmerized by you, and they may not even know why.

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