The belief in artful masculinity is not dead. Joseph Abboud is one of many who have refused to stop creating a style that suits a man’s character, while maintaining a timeless validity and designs without limitation. His goal: reinvention of the American style that will begin a new self-madeartist in each man; the ability to understand fashion and looking the part to express a modern perspective. Abboud is a gent of dire ambition and dream for the design of well-dressed man and his designs only accentuate this understanding.

With his creation of the Black Brown 1826 clothing line in 2008, Abboud helped to revive the understanding that woman are not the only sex able to dress with style and authenticity as genuine as the fingerprint given to each human being. He evolved style and fashion into a palpable method for the everyday man, which was just as simple for Abboud as making them understand the subtle, yet complex, art that comes with dressing and a flawless style.

With a large assortment of styles and designs, including casualwear, sweaters, outerwear, and tailored suits, this brand and its designer, have revolutionized the way men look and how they can feel when they are proud of what they are wearing. Because looking flawless isn’t just about the look itself, but how the wearer feels in their clothes. It is their skilled craftsmanship that fuels the company’s innovative designs and powers their belief in the well-dressed man, it is the understanding that men can look just as good as they feel. A contemporary point of view isn’t their only weapon of choice, but also, the acceptance that confidence and the receptivity to convey one’s sensibility through their fashion is key to any ensemble.

Abboud and Black Brown 1826 have began a new era in a golden age of thinking; a new understanding that men can look and feel just as important as their clothing, and that style too, can be a man’s best friend. A yearning for celebrating the designer in every man is what drives this creative genius and the company that has given birth to men with a mind for fashion and sartorial understanding. Abboud and his remarkable designs, it would seem, are ready to lead the way as every man steps forward to design the future from their own influence and thinking.

Billy Curtis is a writer living in Toronto.
Kirsten Luce is a photographer living in New York.

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