Although bare lips and matte lipstick dominated in scores of runway looks, you need not give gloss the toss. Whether it’s a demure soupcon of shine or high-beam gleam, sometimes only a sweep of gloss on your lips will do when it comes to completing a makeup look.

What to slick onto your lips this season:


With healthy, flushed cheeks and sexy, windswept winter hair, a fresh apricot gloss like the one seen on the Dolce & Gabbana runway is an easy shade you can wear every day. Bonus: this peachy hue is flattering on most skin tones.


Take the classic red lip and go glossy with it à la Saint Laurent’s fall/winter catwalk. As every gloss aficionado knows, the product has less staying power than lipstick, so be ready to commit to regular touch-ups to keep this lip look looking on point. Also, skip conventional red lip liner (which can sometimes create too harsh a line) and use a clear lip liner instead to keep your gloss from feathering.


For a look that’s always flattering, wear clear gloss on bare lips to let your natural lip color shine through. Do as the beauty pros do (like for the 3.1 Phillip Lim catwalkers) and use a neutral, shiny lip to maintain the focus of your look on your carefully crafted eye makeup. Or dab a clear gloss over any lipstick shade at the center of your pout for instantly fuller-looking lips sans fillers. (Try it with this season’s hautest lip colour, oxblood, to replicate the slickest sexy lip look from the Gucci runway.)

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