by Sonjia Williams
Hey guys and welcome to another episode recap of project runway season 11! To recap from last week, Michelle won and Kate and Tu are out. So we’re back on the runway to get a clue for the next challenge and switch the teams up. The judges have talked amongst themselves to decide who will be on which team. The first team had Daniel, Patricia, Michelle, and Stanley. The second team has Richard, Layana, Samantha, and Amanda. The teams are off to meet Tim at a secret location and they are about to walk into an event space full of surprises. When they walk in, they see a group of hot men dancing and taking their clothes off. Tim tells them that dancers from the company Thunder from Down Under need new costumes for their opening routine. Each team will create 3 looks, and it needs to be flexible, masculine, and comfortable.  I remember when I created a look for the Rockettes, and had to be cautious of the fabric I was using because it had to be comfortable enough for them to dance in. It’s always harder to make a look when it has to look good, and be practical.
The teams meet with the dancers to get an idea of what they would like to wear for a costume and take their measurements. The first team named themselves Team ‘Shades of Grey’ and the second Team ‘Slick and Hip’ (which doesn’t sound slick or hip). Both teams decide that they want to go with business looks for the dancers. After sketching and consulting it’s off to mood to pick the fabric for the dancers.
Now it’s back to the workroom to get started. Team ‘Shades of Grey’ decides to play off each others strong points by each doing what they are good at, while team ‘Slick and Hip’ seem to be winging the whole thing. Richard doesn’t seem to be feeling his team and isn’t really helping them out. It’s time for Tim’s critique and it seems to be that team ‘Shades of Grey ‘ are off to a slow start. Stanley still has so much work to do and Patricia hasn’t even started  sewing the one shirt she has to make! On the other side of the workroom, team members of ‘Slick and Hip’ don’t even seem to be working as a team at all! Layana is making a blazer that looks like it’s designed for a woman and Amanda seems to be struggling too.
It’s fitting time and the dancers from thunder from down under come into the work room to get fitted. Both teams seem to be having fitting issues because these men are so muscular and it’s imperative that the clothes compliment their bodies. If I was making a costume for a male dancer, I would add a little sexiness to the outfit to really make them stand out. As the day ends, both teams still have a lot to accomplish tomorrow and its very unclear who will win the challenge.
It’s runway day and both teams are running around the room like madmen trying to make last minute changes on their looks. Team ‘Slick and Hip’ are especially having some fitting issues, but at this point there really isn’t much they can do because TIME IS UP! So it’s runway time and the dancers are now on the stage. Both teams have created such horrible looks that Heidi wishes she could eliminate everyone. But since she can’t, she announces that since team ‘Shades of Grey’ was the least worst group they were in but in a Project Runway first there is no winner! Yes I said it… NO WINNER!
Now for the losing team ‘Slick and Hip’, the judges hated ALL the looks but disliked Samantha’s look the least which made her safe. Layana’s blazer was a nightmare but I think her previous performance on other challenges saved her. So it’s down to Richard with his horribly fitting shirts and Amanda with her terrifying pants. In the end, Amanda was considered a weaker link and is out!

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