Hey guys! It’s Sonjia Williams from Season 10 and I’m back to give you the scoop on Season 11 of Project Runway.

The episode starts with some business that still needs to be taken care of from the previous challenge. The designers head back to Parsons to meet Heidi and Tim on the runway only to see the infamous (and dreaded) button bag. I remember seeing the button bag a few times in my season and thinking “oh Lord what could this be about”. Heidi says that for this challenge the teams need to be broken up to pairs. I remember when I worked in a group of two. I enjoyed it so much more than being in a bigger group because I had a lot more say in what went into the outfit and I could show my aesthetic. Also, you only have to get one other person on the same page with the design versus several other people. 

Since Samantha won the last challenge she get to choose her partner first and picks Daniel, which should be interesting. Richard is chosen next from the bag and he picks Stanley. Patricia picks Layana, Matthew picks Michelle, Kate picks Tu, and Amanda picks Ben. These seem like strong pairs, although Layana doesn’t seem thrilled to be with Patricia. Maybe the pairs will work will since they chose their partners? They wake up the next day and head to a special location to meet Tim to find out more about the challenge. They head to Johnny Utah, a country western bar, and find out they’re going to be designing for the Grammy award winning singer Miranda Lambert. Each team will have to create 2 looks, one for the red carpet and the other for a performance. After dividing up the work and sketching their looks the designers head to Mood to buy fabric. Amanda and Ben were WAY under budget so I hope they have enough fabric to create something great. When they get back to the work room they all start working on their looks for Miranda. If I was to create a look for Miranda, I would make a real standout performance piece for her to look amazing in. This is a great challenge to design outside the box and play with embellishment.  Midway through the day Tim comes to check on the designers. I loved Tim’s honest critique and it always helped to have fresh eyes on the design. He feels like Richard’s look may be too see-through (there is no lining!) He’s also worried about Matt because he’s putting a lot of detail in a top that you won’t really see, plus he has no ideas for a skirt. You can’t send a bottomless model down the runway! Tim is also worried about Tu because he thinks that he’s creating a look that is not at all what Miranda would wear, it’s way too Gaga for Miranda’s curvy figure. Model fittings seem to go well and before you know it, day 1 is over. 

It’s runway day and of course the designers aren’t ready. Richard comes up with a last minute solution for his see-through dress issue. He cut up two “Thank you Mood” T-shirts to create a tube dress to be worn underneath his sheer dress. He really did “make it work.” Daniel is shredding the bottom of his skirt to give it a fringed denim look. With so little time left he really should have edited this element, it is just too much. Stanley is struggling with his dress last minute and he barely dresses his model in time. The designers finally make it to the runway and the show begins. The judges pick their top 2 and bottom 2 teams. Samantha & Daniel along with Matthew & Michelle are in the bottom. Richard & Stanley and Amanda & Ben are on the top. Miranda especially loved the performance looks from Richard and Amanda, they were really thoughtfully designed. Although all the top designers did a great job, the judges chose Richard as the winner for this challenge and Miranda will be wearing his look in an upcoming performance. The judges were really disappointed with the bottom designers, but Samantha was safe since she won the last challenge leaving Daniel, Matthew, and Michelle. Daniel received an extremely harsh critique from Nina, but I think he really needed an eye opener. It was obvious that Matthew had no confidence in his design, and Miranda offered some great encouragement which was really nice to hear. Michelle stood proudly by her 80s retro design, which I give her a lot of credit for. It is hard to get ripped apart by the judges and still feel pride in your work. In the end the judges decided Matthew didn’t have enough pride in himself and he’s out! Hopefully he finds his confidence soon, he has a lot of talent!

Until next week…

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