Hi guys! It’s Sonjia Williams and I’m back again for another recap of the new season of Project Runway.
As the episode starts, Kate is looked at as weak by her teammates and although they have won 2 weeks in a row they are concerned that her designs aren’t as strong as the rest of the group. I definitely know what it’s like to have a weak link in a group challenge, and it must be even worse when you are stuck with that person for every challenge.

So now it’s off to the workroom to see what the next challenge. Tim enters the room and immediately there is a twist. He tells the designers that they will be creating a look for a special client with very strong opinions, and in walks Heidi! The designers learn that they will create looks that Heidi will wear for a national TV commercial and a press event for the launch of her perfume Surprise. There will be 2 winners in this challenge, both from the winning team. The teams go off for their 30 minutes to sketch and allocate the work. The breakdown of what each team will create is:

Dream Team
Ben- Commercial look
Samantha- Commercial look
Tu- Commercial look
Cindy- Press look
Matthew- Press look
Michelle- Press look

Team Keepin’ It Real
Layana & Kate- Commercial look
Daniel- Commercial look
Stanley- Commercial look
Amanda & Joe- Press look
Richard- Press look
Patricia- Press look

The Dream Team thinks they may have an edge over Team Keepin’ It Real because they don’t have to share any looks, but you never know! Fast-forward past a chaotic trip to Mood and the designers are back in the workroom starting to put the looks together.

On Team Keepin’ It Real Amanda and Joe are still sketching because they can’t come to an agreement on what their press look should be. Their styles are so different and they are finding a hard time to come to an agreement. This exact situation happened with myself and Nathan during the Lexus challenge last season. We had to create a look for a previous Project Runway designer to wear to the Emmys. It was really hard for Nathan and I to come to an agreement on how we could create a look that we both felt represents us. Luckily, in the end we were both really satisfied with the turnout. On the other end of the spectrum, Layana and Kate came up with almost the same sketch, which puts them eye to eye on their vision for Heidi’s dress. Meanwhile, the always ambitious Patricia decides to do a dress with these little leather diamonds to create a patterned fabric for the dress.

As for The Dream Team, Ben’s commercial look is slowly coming along since he can’t focus and even has a breakdown during his interview about an emotionally abusive relationship. He is obviously distracted during this challenge. Cindy’s look is questionable again, well at least her fabric choice is. And Matthew is taking the bondage look of Heidi’s perfume literal by creating a dominatrix looking dress.

It’s now critique time and Tim Gunn had pretty good things to say about both teams. Team Keepin’ It Real seems to have great morale, although Layana and Kate have a little spat about the pink color that was chosen for the dress. While Patricia is looking like she bit off more than she can chew with dress. Baby girl really needs to get on the ball if she’s going to finish this dress on time. The Dream Team on the other hand has Ben who doesn’t have much to show Tim because he’s feeling so distracted. Cindy decides to use the shantung on the whole dress and not add leather sleeves (we shall see if that comes back to bite her in the you know what). And Matthew decides to go all out with is bondage look.

Day 1 comes to a close and some designers aren’t feeling too sure about their looks while others are floating on cloud 9. I can recall feeling both ways. There were challenges where I felt really confident in my looks, and others where I was praying that I would at least be safe.

It’s now judgment day and you know the drill… 2 hours for hair and makeup and to dress your models for the runway. Please use the Lord & Taylor wall thoughtfully! Thank god for those 2 hours or else I have no idea how a few of the designers would have anything going down the runway, especially Ben. He was all the way down to the wire and had his teammates help him wrap strips of leather around his model right outside the runway.

After a pretty impressive runway show the critiques begin, and low and behold Team Keepin’ It Real wins again! Layana and Kate’s dress is on top along with Daniel and Patricia. There were some great things said about each top look, but in the end Kate and Daniel win. I for one was really happy for Kate because she showed the rest of her team that she is a force to be reckoned with! As for the losing streak Dream Team, Ben, Cindy and Matthew are on the bottom. Ben’s look gave his model saggy boobies (which Heidi would NEVER want!), Cindy’s look was a shantung hotness, and Matthew’s look would have made Heidi look like a playboy bunny. When it was all said and done, Cindy had one too many chances and was out!

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