Hi guys! It’s Sonjia Williams from Season 10 – I’m sure you missed me so I’m back to give you all a recap of last night’s episode of Project Runway. The show starts with Team Keepin’ It Real in good spirits after winning the first challenge and The Dream Team needing to find a way to win this time around. As Heidi meets them on the runway, she gives them the hint of “balls” for the next challenge and instructs them to meet Tim at special location. The teams head to Spin, a ping pong club owned by Academy Award winning actress Susan Sarandon. They are challenged to create a look for the staff at the club, and the winner will have their look worn by the staff of Spin locations across the globe. Cool right? Well before the designers leave, they have to practice serving customers to help understand the job and create looks that will be appropriate for the staff. I remember taking care of fake babies as a way to help us learn more about children’s wear, and it was a nightmare!

So it’s back to the workroom to sketch and both teams take the same approach of working together to create looks for the Spin staff. They’re now off to Mood and everyone is running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Benjamin is all over Cindy since he doesn’t trust her judgment when it comes to fabrics and its pissing her off! Looks like The Dream Team is already having drama. When it’s time to get to work Team Keepin’ It Real seems to have a clear vision as to which direction they want to go, while The Dream Team just can’t seem to get along. Mat is so focused on standing out that he changes his idea of making jeans to a “ballsy” denim kilt. Meanwhile, Benjamin and Cindy are back at it again as she argues about him not respecting her ideas. He seems to be so focused on her and what everyone else on the team is doing that he creates a top that doesn’t look like it should be anywhere near the jacket in the same look.

Finally, Tim Gunn arrives to give the designers some much needed direction. It’s critique time and boy do I know what it’s like for Tim to come in and really shed light on which direction you should take your look in. He really has a way of helping you put it all into perspective. Team Keepin’ It Real gets really good feedback from Tim and they seem to be going in the right direction creating a cohesive collection. Meanwhile The Dream Team seems a little all over the place with their looks that don’t look like they belong together at all.

After some essential finishing touches from the Lord & Taylor Accessory wall and hair and makeup it’s runway time. Surprisingly both teams are feeling pretty good about what they are presenting. But how will the judges feel? I remember back in the Season 10 Marie Claire challenge when I thought our team did such a better job than the other team and the judges said it was a tie- that was unexpected! This isn’t the case for this challenge though. Team Keepin’ It Real came out on top again. With Layana and Daniel, Stanley, Richard and Joseph’s looks on top. The judges were in love with Layana’s skort. It was practical for female servers with an apron attached to the front. They also liked Stanley’s male server look with his short sleeve sweatshirt and drop crotch pant. And they were really impressed with Joseph’s pants, and liked the placement of the logo on the t-shirt.

So that puts The Dream Team back in the losing circle with Cindy and Benjamin, James, and Mat on the bottom. The judges thought that Cindy’s jacket was too business for the club and Benjamin’s shorts were boring. James’s capri pants were horrible and Mat’s kilt was inappropriate and unwearable. In the end James was the weakest link and was out!

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