By Sonjia Williams


The Finale

 Hi guys and welcome back to the final recap of Project Runway Season 11. I am your host Sonjia Williams from Project Runway Season 10. This season has had many twists and turns and with team challenge after team challenge it was clear that only the strong would survive. It’s very hard to be on a team, as I have witnessed myself, so I’m sure that these designers are happy to be finally showcasing their skills as individual designers. So to pick up where we left off, Daniel was eliminated and Michelle, Patricia and Stanley are preparing for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The designers are ready to make changes based off of the judge’s critiques, and the overall theme from the judges seems to be editing.
Stanley has so much work to do and with Richard as his assistant, he may not be able to get it all done. Patricia also has a lot of work to do and with little cohesion in her collection, she has to rethink all of her looks.  Michelle, however, is very confident in her collection and with few changes to make she’s in a good position. Tim comes into the workroom to tell them that they all will be going to Mood and given $500 to buy anything else they needed for their collection. After they grab their last bits and pieces, they head back to the workroom and get started again on their looks.
Tim comes to see how the designers are coming along since the last judging session. He is very happy with what Michelle has come up with and the changes she is coming up with. She has a very cohesive collection and is editing her accessories so that she isn’t doing too much. He is concerned with Patricia’s collection and if there is any cohesion at all. She needs to find a way to make her pieces look like a complete collection and not pieces picked a little from here and picked a little from there. Tim looks at Stanley’s collection last and is concerned that it looks like he’s been shopping at a vintage store. It didn’t feel new and he still has a ton of work to do with not much time. Tim leaves the room and expresses how proud he is in who these outstanding designers have become. With the clocking ticking down, it’s time for the designers to give it all they got!
The designers go into hair and make up consultations and also make some adjustments based on the judge’s critiques. They all seem to be taking heed to what the judges said and doing whatever they can to make it better. They do their final fitting with their models and get their last preparations in order for the runway.
And so it beings! It’s runway day and the designers are at Lincoln Center, in New York City, preparing for what is to become a changing moment in their lives. Some are prepared more than others as we can see with Stanley using all of his assistants to work, work, work in the last few minutes! He is literally sewing his models into his pieces. I felt so bad for him and all I could think was that I wish I could help him. In a perfect world, every piece would be perfectly tailored, steamed, and ready to go. However, in the real world some things just don’t work out that way. I myself have had some fashion shows where I was working down to the wire, but you do what you have to do.  You make it work, and as Stanley did, he sewed right up until his models walked onto the catwalk! Tim said that was a Project Runway first, so I guess Stanley will go down in project runway history!
The shows took off and collection after collection the excitement filled the tents. Jaw-dropping pieces came down second after second, while there were also some that you were shocked to see.
It’s finally judging time and the designers are so nervous about what the outcome will be. They loved absolutely Michelle’s collection. They thought it was innovative and sellable. On the other hand, they were not crazy about Stanley’s collection. They thought it looked dated and not youthful. They were all very appreciative of the artistry that Patricia brought to her collection. So now it comes down to the wire. Daniel was told he was out and it comes 2 verse 2, Patricia or Michelle? Which designer will win Project Runway Season 11 and which one will be out? In the end, it is Michelle who proved herself to be a stronger designer and wins Project Runway! I wish her much success in the future and I know she has an amazing future ahead of her.

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