By Sonjia Williams

Hey guys and welcome back to my recap of season 11 of project runway. As there is now only six designers left, the competition gets more intense. I remember what it was like to be a part of the top 6 and the reality that came behind knowing that one of us was really going to with the competition. So Heidi meets them on the runway to tell them that Tim will meet them at a very prestigious art location.

The designers meet Tim at the Guggenheim museum and tell them that it will be the inspiration behind the next challenge. He changes the teams up and the line up is as followed:
Stanley and Michelle
Patricia and Richard
Daniel and Layana

Each team will create a work of wearable are and a commercial look. They will also create a textile design using HP technology. The teams split off with cameras and start walking around the museum to gain inspiration. Michelle and Stanley right off the bat are on the same page about their looks. Richard and Patricia are not on that same page at all, and Daniel gives up the avant grade look to Layana because she was adamant about doing it. The teams head back to the workroom to create their textile design. They all come up with something that they can agree on but Patricia is really concerned about what Richard will create. The teams head to mood to buy additional fabric and Layana is nervous so she stays on top of Daniel the whole time. She is concerned that Daniel will pick the wrong fabric for his look. When the get back to the workroom Tim announces that the winner of the challenge will receive a 10,000 cash prize from HP along with a HP Envy laptop. The stakes just got raised making it even more competitive between the teams! Not too much happens in day 1 besides preparation for the looks, and all the teams try to formulate the best way to execute their looks. Especially since the fabric isn’t coming till the next day.

As day 2 starts, the teams run in the workroom to see how their fabrics turned out. They are all pleased with the turnout and start working as “busy bees” as Tim would say! As the day progresses, Richard is so confused in which direction to go with his look because he doesn’t understand Patricia’s  look at all. He doesn’t really have much done and so much time has past already. Focused more on with making a bracelet than a dress, this team seems like they are heading down the wrong path. Layana keeps second guessing herself and has a serious melt down. Daniel keeps encouraging her to get her dress done and step back to look at it from afar. Finally, Layana gets it together with the help of her teammate and she says goodbye to that creative block. Stanley and Michelle are still in teammate paradise. They are meshing so well together, it appears as if its smooth sailing from here on out! On the other hand, Patricia becomes more and more frustrated with Richard because of his look and she thinks he is the weakest link. Even Tim felt like Richard wasn’t working to his potential and feared that Richard would throw Patricia under the bus on the runway. Day 2 comes to a close and it is very uncertain of how the runway show will turn out.

It’s runway day and the teams are running around the workroom trying to finish their looks for the runway. Richard and Patricia still aren’t on the same page but at this point it is what it is. Tim calls time and the designers head to parsons for the runway show. Heidi was overall extremely happy with the show and the looks. However, this is Project Runway and at the end of the day some designers are in and someone will be out. The judges loves Michelle, Stanley, and Daniel’s looks, but they were not so satisfied when it came to Layana, Richard, and Patricia’s looks. So to sum it up, Stanley and Michelle were the winning team and the top winner of this challenge was Stanley! His silhoutette to his dress was exquisite and the print they created was divine! Patricia and Richard were the losing team, having a very disconnected presentation and Richard is determined- out!

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