By Arren Williams

“I guess I was always a bit of a design geek… I was 12 when I picked up this alabaster Art Deco dressing table mirror at an antique market somewhere in the English countryside. It was the start of my first ever collection, fueled thanks to one grandmother who was a diehard antique wheeler and dealer, and another grandmother who made me watch, and love, Hollywood 1930’s musicals while telling me stories of dancing the can-can in Paris when she was younger.

 Three decades on and the mirror has travelled with me to London, Montreal and now Toronto, and amazingly it has safely endured suitcases and moving boxes, fat cats, excitable dogs and careless roommates. Nowadays you might find it sitting pretty on my night table, or adding a glam touch to a vignette with vintage Thomas and Sgrafo Modern pottery.

Other pieces I have collected have come and gone, but this piece is definitely a fave.”

Photos by Arren Williams and Riley Stewart

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