The New Year is not only about the glitz and glamour of the future, but a time to reflect on how we’ve gotten to where we are now. Contrasts—the simplistic and the extreme, the minimum and the maximum, the old and the new—are how we identify ourselves, and dressing for any New Year’s Eve celebration is no different. No matter which look you choose to express, look your best with this year’s fashion tips from our stylist Hazel Ong.

There are two sides of the spectrum to consider; the first is for those of who take a simple approach to their looks. Whether it’s the preference of a modest, yet elegant, little black dress or hair that is straighter than the year was long, this is a look that will express elegance and confidence as you enter the New Year in style. And at the other end, a look that demands the attention of the year to come with just as much light and bold color as the fireworks that light the way for Baby New Year.

As Miss Ong dresses her models, she tells us what is in style for this year’s New Years revelry: “A minimal look is having just enough; just the right amount of attitude and style in your ensemble.” A look that screams ease and modesty; monochrome colors, little or no accessorizing, sleek and simple silhouettes are the way to go in order to get that sleek and superb simple look this holiday.

Later, the tables turn, and a look that once held the sleek and simplistic mark of the traditional becomes revolutionized with a stylish ponytail, gold and silver accents to show one’s true appreciation for all that is new and tremendously vibrant.

“The New Year isn’t just about celebrating what is yet to come, it’s about reveling the new and improved you. The Little black dress is not only classic, but also a staple of the holiday; layer on top for a fitted skirt look. What better way to do that than by adding the glimmer and shimmer of gold or silver to your outfit? Adding to your look never hurt, while a faux fur stole will add warmth and style to any outfit. A little color will turn that simple outfit you got for last year’s celebration into the introduction of the new you!” Truer words have not been said as Miss Ong puts the finishing touches on her last look that includes a vibrant and stylish brocade fabric modeled after a men’s tuxedo jacket, taken from the boys, this Pink Tartan item plays the role of show stopper for any outfit. To complete your maximized look this New Year’s Eve, make sure to add in some bright colors, patterns, mixed textures, and lots of accessories. Don’t be afraid to try something new, and to put a little extra effort into you New Years look!

With so many obsessing over resolutions for a new and better self, be confident in this—your outfit this holiday and whom you’ll be kissing when the clock strikes midnight! Whether your style is minimalistic, with solid colors and a streamlined look, or maximized with big hair, sequins, and outrageous colors—look your best when ushering in the New Year.

Billy Curtis is a writer living in Toronto.
Adam Levett is a photographer living in Toronto.

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