Jonathan Adler is a genius. Celebrated for his mod shapes, vibrant colors and organic eye-popping patterns; Mr. Adler has turned home decorating into a true celebration that is now available at Lord & Taylor. Always inspired by his fun and fashionable pieces we asked Mr. Adler about his work, love of design and his favorite things.

Q. What was your vision when creating your line?
I find inspiration everywhere. I keep my eyes and my mind wide open.

Q. What was the home like you grew up in – very Jonathan Adler?
The home I grew up in was a perfect expression of who I am today. It was a very groovy, modernist house with rigorously chic furniture. My dad was minimalist modernist, and my mom had a sense of ebullience and a love of color. It was a reflection of my style, craft, joy design philosophy.

Q. Do you have pinch me moments on your success?
Every day I am shocked by my business. When I decided to become a potter, my idea of success was hawking my wares at some rain-soaked craft fair. Everything that has happened in the 18 years since I started my business has been a shock and a delight.

Q. How do you balance design vs function when creating your collection or a specific product?
Design is about problem solving; there are always some welcome requirements for doing what I do. One of the things I love about being a designer is that the stuff I make has to work and fill a need.

Q. How important is good design to happiness?
You should always be surrounded by the things you love. Embrace color, buy what you love, and dare to be bold.

Q. What are 5 things you cannot live without right now?
- My bloke, Simon
- My Norwich Terrier, Liberace
- The paisley covered Ping Pong table in my living room
- Any and all of the brass pieces from my collection
- White jeans, 365 days a year


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