The traditional home allows for classic self expression and personalization. A cozy and comforting home, filled with laughter from all the friends and family fill up the house. One can feel the laid back air in the room and can see the bright and warm colors which encompass the décor. The tree is lit with bright, colorful lights. Eyes move all around the tree from one shiny green ornament, to a red vivid heart, to a child’s handmade ornament. Each ornament tells a story; which trip it was purchased on, how old the child was when it was proudly brought home. This décor brings life and memories into the home. On a traditional tree there can never be too many ornaments- until the tree starts to topple over!

When graced with a modern day home, lined by architecturally simple, contemporary walls, and glass windows that carry on as if forever, it is essential that holiday decorations fit your space. Creating a character for a house is a project on its own, but when it comes to the wonderful holiday seasons, it’s also imperative to keep the style of the décor in line with the style of your home. Pair metallic blue colors and silvers with an ultra-chic modern day home to create a simple and luxurious appeal. The subtle silvers with the sporadic hints of color express a polished touch and cheerful wink from every angle.

The gold and white tree is perfect for the elegant, Victorian home. When gathering friends and family over for a chic holiday party there is nothing more luxe than a gorgeous golden garnished tree! As the music of the season fuses with the sounds of greetings from guests, this striking tree adds sophistication to any room. Keep it tasteful by adding just the right amount of décor. Avoid the need to smother your tree with too much gold. Sometimes less is more!

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